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Identity, Graphic System 
& Collateral

Arcana is a womenswear label that seeks to imbue modern fashion with the echo of those who came
before. Arcana strives to alter our consumption of fashion by bringing the focus back to quality, art and
soul. Each piece is created using eco-friendly and sustainably-sourced materials. Global textiles are
sourced from artisans practicing their indigenous craft, thereby sustaining and preserving the world’s
unique cultural expressions. By combining textiles from far-flung destinations, Arcana posits a vision
of a global identity that is enriched by its variety, rather than its homogeny. (text borrowed from Arcana)

We collaborated to develop a dynamic look-and-feel that captures the true essence of what the label
stands for, weaving in the narratives of a soul’s journey, mythologies, art, science, philosophy and spirit
into a simple and digestible visual toolkit.

Full case study coming soon.

Creative Directrion & Design: Johnny Por Taing


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